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Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle Review

Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle

Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Bundle


Around $175 – Available on Amazon.com


Mahagony build, Walnut fingerboard, Concert size


Missing cable


Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box.

Our Rating


Kala is a name that’s synonymous with quality, affordable ukuleles, so we were certainly excited to give the KA-CE Mahogany concert ukulele a try. And just as expected, it impresses far beyond its price point.

With that said, this is not necessarily what we’d consider a budget-minded purchase, as the price is above what most consider an entry-level price. Still, this ukulele provides a great value, making a high-level acoustic/electric ukulele accessible for most, while throwing in some key accessories as well.

Combining a good choice of materials with impeccable craftsmanship, the Kala KA-CE Mahogany ukulele is a fantastic introduction for someone learning how to play a uke, but also wants something a step or two up from an entry-level quality.

About The Product

Ukulele Instructional DVD

Kala made sure to put plenty of thought into this ukulele, and it all starts with the material itself. The top, bottom, and sides are all fashioned from high-grade mahogany that not only gives the uke a beautiful look, but allows for excellent sound projection and clarity in most any setting.

This sound is actually described by Kala themselves as “sweet highs & mellow lows,” and we’d definitely say that’s accurate. As this is a concert size, the uke has an overall length of 24 inches, with a fretboard spanning 14.875 inches. In other words, the perfect in-between size.

The finish of the uke has a warm, rich satin finish that gives it a sense of elegance, without losing the aesthetic you’d expect from a standard ukulele.

The fingerboard is made of walnut, with a mahogany neck backing. The nut and saddle are made from NuBone, ensuring a proper spacing without any slip or buzz, no matter how long you keep your strings on.

The nut and neck design keep the strings somewhat low-profile, but not as low as you’d get with a full-on beginner uke. Still, the strings have a low enough height to provide fast action when needed, with little pressure required, but with just enough rise to give them more projection and sharpness.

For the tuners, Kala uses diecast chrome, which is fairly standard. The knobs are easy to adjust, and have the proper amount of hold with them, keeping the strings in tune for extended periods of time, even with heavier plucking and strums.

Like every good bundle package, Kala includes a set of strings, which in this case are Aquila Nylgut — considered by most to be the best standard strings on the market. This gives ther buyer the perfect strings to get up and running with.

All of these components work together seamlessly to offer a great-looking ukulele that has a clear and concise projection, excellent tones, and a playability that is suitable for beginners, but also acceptable to experienced players as well. And while there is an input to plug a cable in, the uke does not sacrifice acoustic quality.

As for the input, it uses a standard cable, and has a built in volume control, and two different knobs to adjust the tones as needed, giving you plenty of control over the final sound, whether you’re using an amp, or running to through stage speakers.

Now for all the extras. Aside from the ukulele itself, this purchase also includes:

  • Digital tuner
  • Instructional DVD
  • Polishing cloth
  • Case/gig bag

All of these inclusions are top-notch as far as quality goes. The clip-on tuner is small and easy to use, and incredibly accurate in a very small amount of time. It can be used right on the end of the head, and does not get in the way when left on.

The gig bag is much better than the usual one many companies throw in, which are often nothing more than a thick plastic sheet cut to the size of the uke. This one actually has some rigidity to it, a felth liner, and fully protects the uke from any small bumps or impacts when left inside. It also has some handy zip pockets as well.

The Austin Bazaar polishing cloth was a throw-in, since this uke is actually made fully of mahogany and walnut, so it’s always helpful to keep a proper cloth around to get rid of smudges, and remove oils that would otherwise affect the finish over time.

Austin Bazaar’s DVD is better than the average instructional video, giving easy to understand tutoring for everything from tuning, to playing your first chords. If you’re completely new to playing ukuleles, this DVD will undoubtedly come in handy.

You get all of these things for a price that is more than fair, resulting in a stage-ready ukulele that sounds great on its own, can easily plug in using a cable, and also provides all of the necessary essentials needed for learning, transport, and quick tuning.

What Others Say

The first thing we noticed was how great the uku sounded on its own, right out of the box. The use of only mahogany and a small amount of walnut is evident from the moment you strum the strings. Avoiding composite wood gives the uke a huge sound.

We also loved the input inclusion, and the control over the tone offered by the knobs. This is a very well-rounded acoustic/electric uke.

The bundle package included was a nice touch, and truly gives you all you need from the day you purchase, without the need to go out and buy accessories separately.

If we were to pinpoint any negatives, it would seem logical to include a cable with the purchase as well, since it’s an acoustic/electric. That would truly make it the complete package.

Buying Advice

Kala KA-CE Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Neck

This references the previous point: go ahead and purchase a cable with the ukulele, so you can take full advantage of the electric aspect. A small ukulele amp would be a good choice too!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Kala KA-CE Mahogany concert ukulele has lots of crossover appeal for beginners and experienced players alike, which is what makes it such a good buy. The quality of the uke is apparent from the outset, and the extra accessories only serve to make it even better.

If you want a something more than a bottom-level entry into ukuleles, and also desire the stage-ready aspect, this should be your first choice.

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