Lohanu Concert Ukulele Bundle Review

Lohanu Concert Ukulele Bundle Review
Lohanu Concert Ukulele Bundle



Beatiful look,  Amazing sound, Uncoditional lifetime warranty




Lohanu Concert Ukulele Bundle, A Very High Quality Sounding Beautiful Looking Ukulele

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When shopping for beginner sets for a particular instrument, it’s easy to get caught up in all the stuff included with the instrument, rather than the overall quality itself. This leads to many people buying an instrument bundle that comes with a ton of extra items, only to be disappointed later by the lack of quality.

The Lohanu Concert Ukulele bundle is an exception to this pitfall, balancing out a high-quality ukulele that’s not only great for beginners, but also one you can grow with and keep around for years to come. Oh, and it comes with literally everything you need with a ukulele from the start.

The price of this uke and accompanying bundle might initially make it seem like it’s on the lower end of the spectrum, but there’s a reason why this purchase is so popular among beginning uke players and seasoned users alike.

About The Product

Ukulele In Hand

Let’s start by going over the actual ukulele first, before getting to the other things that come with it. This particular model does come in a tenor and soprano size, but this review will focus on the concert size, as it’s the most versatile, and best to start with.

The first thing you’ll notice with this uke is the striking color tones and solid feel right out of the box. The body is constructed from a mixture of mahogany and sapele, the former of which is a wood extremely similar to mahogany. The wood has a vibrant tone that has a subtle striped pattern that’s a nice touch.

As for the fretboard, it’s made from rosewood, and ensures a smooth sliding action up and down the neck. The strings maintain a low profile, which is precisely what a beginner needs in order to learn the instrument and gain confidence. The nut holds the string securely in place, enhancing tone and preventing buzzing.

The chrome die-cast tuning pegs feel a bit restrained at first, but after a few uses will promptly loosen up just a bit, while keeping the strings in tune. As with any ukulele, you’ll need to retune every so often, but don’t expect the strings to slip out of tune mid song.

The strings themselves are another great aspect to this uke. Every new purchase of the Lohanu Concert Ukulele includes Aquila strings, and also a backup set, so you have enough to get started, and a backup set for when it comes time to change them out. Aquila strings are considered the best for ukuleles, so this was a nice inclusion for sure.

Now for the sound. This is a concert uke, so it has a nice balance between sizes, and allows for a solid amount of projection and clarity, whether you’re picking or strumming. The curved body of the ukulele helps with projection as well. I think it’s safe to say that most experienced ukulele players would be surprised at the price of this uke.

This is a bundle after all, so it would be worthwhile to go over all the things included with this purchase. Aside from the extra set of strings, you also get the following:

  • Digital tuner
  • Soft case/gig bag
  • Strap
  • Picks
  • Hanging cord

All of these things are essential gear for any serious ukulele player, which is why it’s good that Lohanu decided to include all of them with the purchase. This allows any player to get started immediately, while having a way to tune, carry their uke to performances and practices, store it, and play standing up.

The tuner is very efficient, and easy to use, It makes tuning more accurate when you’re in a hurry, particularly during a performance. And while every player should eventually learn to tune by ear, this is a great way to keep the uku in tune in the meantime, while also learning perfect tuning, or exploring alternative tuning.

The soft carrying case is padded, and has pockets for all of your accessoires. The strap is easy to adjust, and also easy to install, since the uku comes with pegs already installed on each end, no need to do it yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that you get access to some nice beginner video lessons, including how to tune, and how to play a handful of easy Hawaiian songs.

What Others Say

It’s a bit difficult to really pin down our favorite things about this ukulele and accompanying bundle, but it’s wise to circle back for a moment and talk about the uke’s overall quality itself.

The mahogany and sapele blend isn’t the most ideal wood choice in the world, but again, this is a beginner ukulele, so this wood and design works just fine. It looks great, sounds even better, and maintains a good neck action, so it’s easy to learn on. It’s literally everything you could want from a starter uke, while still having a sound suitable for live performances.

It’s honestly hard to find anything to be critical of with this bundle, as the uke itself is worthy of the small price as is, and the extras just make it even more worth it. I’m sure some would like some different colors to choose from, but that’s being overly picky.

Buying Advice

Lohanu Concert Ukulele

While there are other sizes available , be sure to stick with the concert size. It’s the most versatile and easiest to learn on. You can always get a tenor or soprano of the same ukulele at a later date. Also, if you are able, we always recommend getting an accident insurance plan if you’re buying on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

This is easily the best ukulele bundle available for the beginner. Even if you are an accomplished guitar player, and you’re looking for an affordable and quality ukulele to add to your inventory, this is the best way to do so.

The overall quality of the Lohanu concert ukulele is already well worth the price — the extras in the bundle just make it even more of a great purchase.

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