Ukulele FAQ

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Do I Need to Use Picks on a Ukulele?

If you’re just getting into playing the ukulele, then you’d probably be better off using a pick as it’s often difficult for beginners to start off playing strings from fingers.

Should I Buy an Electric Tuner?

Once again, this depends on your preference. Some musicians like to manually tune their instruments, others go for the easier solution.

An electric tuner matches up with the strings on your ukulele and does the tuning for you! All you need to do is adjust the tuners according to the signal displayed on the device.

This also allows you to experiment with different types of tunings.

Should I Use a Strap?

Well, it’s your instrument and you should be able to whatever feels more comfortable to you. Now that’s out of the way, lots of professional musicians prefer to install a strap or a leash. Why? Because no one wants to see their precious ukulele accidentally hit the floor and crack.

Can I Decorate My Ukulele?

Technically, you surely can. But should you?

As you probably know, wood is a crucial aspect of a ukulele’s construction. Its shape, scale, as well as design, have a huge impact on the sound quality you’re getting. This means that, naturally, any change you do to the instrument will alter the tone.

This leaves us with a two-way situation. If you have a low-end instrument, the difference in sound quality is less likely to be that obvious anyway. However, on carefully made high-end and vintage ukuleles, stay on the safe side and avoid decorations.

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